NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 1) Latest/NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 1) Latest

Question 1 The nurse is disappointed with not being able to provide educational materials in a non-English-speaking patient’s primary language.What can the nurse do to serve as an advocate when providing  culturally competent care?
1. Find or create materials to meet the patients’ needs.
2. Teach the patient in English.
3. Provide educational materials written in English.
4. Ask the physician to talk with the patient.
Question 2 A patient from a non-English-speaking culture comes into the health clinic seeking care. The nurse is unable to determine the patient’s primary language. What should the nurse do?
1. Notify Security 
2. Encourage the patient to seek care elsewhere 
3. Ask for help to determine the patient’s primary language 
4. Contact a homeless shelter 
Question 3 A health care organization provides care to individuals of whom 75% are from non-English-speaking cultures. When determining the languages to represent within the organization, on which will the organization focus?
Select all that apply.
1. Spanish
2. Chinese
3. French

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NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 1) Latest/NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 1) Latest
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