NUR304 Quiz 3 Latest/NUR304 Quiz 3 Latest/NUR304 Quiz 3 Latest

Question 1
The nurse is performing an assessment on an adult. The adult’s vital signs are normal and the capillary refill time is 5 seconds. 
What should the nurse do next?
Ask the patient about a past history of frostbite.
Suspect that the patient has a venous insufficiency problem
Consider this a delayed capillary refill time and investigate further. 
Consider this a normal capillary refill time that requires no further assessment.
Question 2
During an assessment, a patient tells the nurse that her fingers often change color when she goes out in cold weather. She describes these episodes as her fingers first turning white, then blue, then red with a burning, throbbing pain. The nurse suspects that she is experiencing: 
Raynauds disease
Venous thrombosis

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NUR304 Quiz 3 Latest/NUR304 Quiz 3 Latest/NUR304 Quiz 3 Latest
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