Notes on arrays

To signify absence of information oid fo // function fo does not return a value void *pv; // pointer to object of unknown type enumeration (enum): To represent specific set of values. Named integer constants can be defined as members of an enumeration. enum keyword {ASM, AUTO, BREAK}; keyword key; 2 Derived Data Types Address Types References Pointers Powerful, but difficult to master Simulate pass-by-reference Close relationship with arrays and strings Aggregate Types Arrays and strings Structures and Unions 3

Reference is another name (alias) for a variable It is a pointer but a constant one – once declared it cannot be made alias of another variable A reference declaration must have initialization and it can be initialized toa variable, not a literal constant. A variable can have several references (aliases) – all references hold the same address Reference is not a separate variable like a pointer – it does not occupy space in memory 4 ? References All operations supposedly performed on he alias (i. . , the reference) are actually performed on the original variable Example int count = int &cRef = count; Increments count through alias cRef 5 ? References (example) // Reference Types: Example // References must be initialized. #include using std::cout; using std::endl; 7 8 9 int main() intx=3; Creating a reference as an alias to another variable in the function.

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Notes on arrays
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