No More Guns

If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific details to explain why this invention is needed. Nowadays, most of people really need product that made their comfort or entertainment. If I could create something, I would like to invent solar car. It has many benefits to create because if people change a general car to be a solar car, the world would have more fuel; Expense would become less; the world would become a better place.
Firstly, solar car does not need a fuel. In the future, if people still drive a general car, fuel would have no to find and then it would disappear to. Hence, solar car will is becoming essential for the future. Moreover, you can use money to pay for another thing instead of refilling a fuel. Thus, money in a bank will have more and more. Then, you can have money to use when the essential time will come. Finally, pollution will be lost because solar car not need a fuel to use.
Unlike a general car that made air dirty. Air will become clean. Therefore, people will have a good health. Not only are good for the people but it also made the world become a better place. From the above, it is clear that why solar car will become important for people in the future. It is not use a fuel to be energy. It is saving your money to pay other things. Lastly, it is not too dangerous for human or nature.

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No More Guns
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