Negative Childhood Living Overview

The negative is so easy to dwell on for most people, but here’s what I remember err most from the situations that Eve been put through because of my mom’s habit of fleeing. I remember going to work with my dad, so that we could both make what little money we could to put food on the table. Remember the good laughs we had when we would be able to get a frozen pizza, or a gallon of milk and eat like kings. I remember being strong. I know that when I’m in a place of need, my father would kill to make it better, and although we ere struggling to afford everyday needs, I knew that if kept a smile, my dad would keep one too.
Through learning that had to do everything that I could in order to keep my mind away from the negative as well as keep my body moving to support me and m y dad, tried my very best in school. There were times when I couldn’t make it through a day b cause Of pure exhaustion but I had to keep moving in order to strengthen the bonds of not only me and my dad, but all of my friends and teachers that supported me through this rough attach in my life.
My family means everything to me, and those values run deeper than anything g know. Never did turn my back on someone just because they made a mistake. This was the last time my mom ever left me, and she has come back since and has done every hinge to work with me to strengthen our con injection again. She didn’t need to do any of this. She has left and came back quite a few times through my life, and although this was the w resort, would not turn my back on family.

No matter how devastated I was during the incident, I love, I quickly let my mother back into my life, and do not regret that by any means. TomorroWs a new day in life. When the sun comes out, I know that its time t 0 work. I have found true meaning to forgive and forget, and make the best of whatever RL am given. Fight and strive for a better life, and if everything goes well, I’ll become a Bette r man. A man who is not dragged down by anything, big or small, but still has the heart and dedication to work hard and never stagger my beliefs or values.

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Negative Childhood Living Overview
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