Need Paper and Presentation deck

Need Presentation deck- 18 slides.
Structure of presentation.
As in this entire course we learned about consumer behavior and marketing strategies to apply at high level introduction.
2. Consumer Behavior and Strategies
3. Products & Services: Consumer Behavior and Selection of Different product and Services
4. Influence of different Culture and its Values that influence the behavior
5.  Cross-cultural Influences
6. Digital Marketing
7.  Different aspects of Digital Marketing
— Focus on Retail Industry Digital Marketing Strategies
8 . Realtime example of Consumer Behavior 
9. Concept applied in Work environments/ Recommendations
10. Conclusion

Guidelines for presentation attached in word.
Example how presenation should look like :
please see the link for example:
Use Blue base.
2. PAPER- 5 pages, 8 references, APA 5 edition. Same topic as above but in Paper format.

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