Navy Recommendation

1. While serving in the capacity as the Command Career Counselor the USS STEPHEN W GROVES (FFG 29), I have had the good fortune to have Petty Officer Jason Martinez work with me as the Assistant Command Career Counselor for our ship.
2. This past year has afforded me the opportunity of witnessing the many accomplishments PS1 has been able to achieve both personally and professionally. Petty Officer Martinez has demonstrated exceptional knowledge of all necessary retention programs such as PTS, CIMS, NRMS, Fleet RIDE and NRMS. He has led the way in training and providing information to our crew through First Terms Success Workshops, Career Development Training Courses and GENDET Success Workshops.
Furthermore, PS1(SW) Martinez has been a driving force to ensure career development boards are conducted effectively. He has embodied the ideals of career development by encouraging the engagement of the chain of command providing the guidance needed by sailors to attain the objectives of the Sailor Continuum’s five vectors.

3. In addition to the above-mentioned accomplishments, he has completely overhauled our Command Sponsorship Program, establishing a new sponsorship team from the main departments of the ship, and providing the necessary training for instant results. Petty Officer Martinez flawlessly processed and tracked 23 reenlistments of which 15 were SRB entitlements over 110,000 dollars.
He has processed six Fleet Reserve, seven Career Status Bonus, and 56 Perform to Serve applications. During this period while assigned as Assistant Command Career Counselor, he has stepped in and executed the duties as the Command Career Counselor, while I was away either TAD or on leave.
4. Petty Officer Martinez routinely performs his tasks flawlessly and at a higher pay-grade than is expected at his current rank, whether it is explaining Navy policies to the Captain, Executive Officer or counseling a sailor as to his career path options. His overall development as both an Assistant Command Career Counselor and a sailor over the past year has been nothing short of exemplary! Petty Officer Martinez is the type of leader that the Navy needs to continue leading the way in the career-counseling field!
5. A very important contribution that PS1(SW) Martinez has made to the success of the ships program is his ability to work together with and support the building of the career development team. In fact, one of his most important qualities has been his ability to earn the confidence and trust of the crew onboard the ship. It is this trait, in addition to all his other abilities, that makes him an effective career counselor.

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