My Philosophy of Life. I have to combine the issue together Relativism and Truth”>[u10a1] Unit 10 Assignment 1
Philosophy Paper

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The three issues that I chose to
help me form the core of my philosophy of life and I found of interest in unit 7 are Relativism and Truth, God’s Existence,
and The Problem of Evil.
successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency
in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Competency 1: Employ sound
logic in philosophical reasoning.

Support and defend logically
each of these convictions with clear logical argumentation.

Competency 2: Classify
alternative approaches to the origin and reliability of human knowledge.

Show that these distinct
elements fit together to form a coherent philosophy of life in the
context of traditional Western epistemology.
Assess the proper role of
philosophical reasoning in practical life.

Competency 4: Interpret
human behavior in philosophical terms.

State and explain a clear
position on the ultimate meaning of life.

Competency 6: Formulate a
personal philosophy of life.

Describe personal convictions
about philosophical issues in contrast to alternative views of the same

Competency 7: Communicate
effectively in a variety of formats.

Use proper APA style and formatting
to write effectively.

It is time to finalize your personal
philosophy paper, the course project you have been working on for weeks. Using
the outline you developed in Unit 7, write an essay that states and defends
your own philosophy of life.
As you finish this assignment, take
a moment to congratulate yourself on the success of your achievement. If anyone
asks you what philosophy has to do with real life, you know exactly what to
tell them!
Your paper should meet the following

Written communication: Written communication should
be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations
should be formatted according to APA (6th ed.) style and formatting
Number of resources: Minimum of five resources.
Length of paper: Approximately 1,200–1,600
words, typed and double-spaced in Microsoft Word.
Font and font size: Arial, 12-point.

Review the Personal Philosophy Paper
course project description to ensure you have met the requirements of the
course project and understand how your assignment will be graded.
Prior to submitting your paper to
the instructor, submit your work to Smarthinking for review and feedback from
an online tutor. Once you have done this, reviewed the feedback from your peers,
and made any necessary revisions, submit your paper as an attachment in the
assignment area.

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