My College Experience Essay

Going to college is a whole knew experience, and it can be scary to some freshman. Going to college can be a great experience or it can not be a great experience it all depends on yourself. Going to college may mean bad eating habits, or there may be a high level of stress. Going to college may mean that it is the first time to be away from home all on your own. There are many aspects of being a freshman in college, and One aspect that every freshman at a university experiences is living on their own for the first time.
Making the transition from high school to college can be a tough one.
I remember my experience in such a transition vividly, as it was only a short time ago. I have to leave My family,familiar things, home, and friends . It is hard for me, I ever feeling homesick When i moved away to university for the first time, I feel so sad and lonely , think about people at home all the time,I want to go home every weekend, and just feel generally depressed. It is very painful experience I have to adapt in new environment, and friends.

However, I try to deal with my homesickness. I always stay positive and focus on my purpose to study abroad. I keep busy with positive activities For example Iam joining organisations in my campus,Joining UKM and being a volunteer in any events , I spend my time with positive activities, it can not make me feel lonely anymore, because I have a lot of to do everyday, Besides that I try to make a new friends, expand my relations, and enjoy the day.
When i studied far from home i to be more independent , cause before I moved away from home my mother did all things. But, now I have to learn how to do all things by myself. Such as managing my money, cooking by myself, doing washing clothes by myself. Etc, I get a lot of benefit from being away from home.
On the other hand, the different in High School and college is In high school the teacher would constantly remind the students when certain assignments were due, but this was not the case in college. So, I have to manage my time and do my assignement on time, if i late to collect it, Iwill not get the score. life in college is more complicated than in high school, especially in terms of course composition, everyday learning, and free time. When i feel tired of college life i will stop for awhile and refresh my mind with go to cinema to watch movie cause my hobby is watching movies.
The transition from high school to university is the stage that all students must face at some stage in their lives. Due to the difference between high school students and university students, change has brought countless challenges. Even though it was difficult for me to be away from home, but I tried my best to face my life as a student away from my parents.

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My College Experience Essay
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