Module 2 Homework

Please show all of your work for each problem.
If applicable, you may find Microsoft Word’s equation editor helpful in
creating mathematical expressions in Word.
There is a tutorial on using this equation editor in Module 1 Lecture
Notes. You also have the option of hand
writing your work and scanning it.1.
Is 12 a solution to the equation 7 – x =
Is –9 a solution to the equation 9 – 8x =
Solve -2x+7>=94.
Solve 3(x-5)<2(2x-1)5. Solve. 8x + 2 = 7x 6. Solve. 7x – 0.96 = 6(x – 0.67) 7. Solve for x. 4x = –88. A company estimates that 5% of the parts they manufacture are defective. If 8 defective parts are found one week by the quality assurance testers, how many parts were manufactured that week?9. Solve for x. 35 – 7x = 35 10. Solve for x. .png"> – 5 = 5 11. Solve for x. 4(x – 2) + 4x = 5x + 4 12. Solve for x. 7x – 3 + 3x = 10x – 3 13. Solve for x. –10x + 1 – 7x = –17x + 714. Solve the literal equation for y. x + 5y = 2515. A rectangular solid has a base with length 5
cm and width 2 cm. If the volume of the
solid is 100 cm3, find the height of the solid.
[Hint: The volume of a rectangular solid is given by V = LWH.] 16. Translate the following statement into an
algebraic equation. Let x represent the
number. 1 less than 15 times a number is
9 times that same number.17. The sum of three consecutive odd integers is
201. Find the integers. 18. At 9:00 a.m. a truck leaves the truck yard
and travels west at a rate of 35 mi/hr.
Two hours later, a second truck leaves along the same route, traveling
at 70 mi/hr. When will the second truck
catch up to the first? 19. The base of an isosceles triangle is 1 in.
less than the length of one of the equal sides.
If the perimeter of the triangle is 20 in., find the length of each of
the sides. 20. Identify the amount in the statement
“318 is 53% of 600.” 21. Elaine was charged $126 interest for 1 month
on a $1800 credit card balance. What was
the monthly interest rate? 22. A broach was marked up $150 from cost, which
amounts to a 50% increase. Find the
original cost of the broach. 23. Solve the solution set. 8x + 3 < 4x – 13 24. Solve the solution set. 5x + 12 > 10x – 8 25. An arithmetic student needs an average of 70
or more to receive credit for the course.
She scored 76, 69, and 84 on the first three exams. Write a simplified inequality representing
the score she must get on the last test to receive credit for the course.26. The length of a rectangle is 2 in. more than
twice its width. If the perimeter of the
rectangle is 28 in., find the width of the rectangle.27. Solve and check: 6x=4(x-5) 28. Solve 1/4x<=3/8 29. Solve 8x-7<=7x-530. Solve -5x>23.5

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