In this MLA-style essay, you will develop a thesis based on your own experiences as an international student at CSUSM and in the United States. You will be graded on:

Clear statement of main idea
Development of content
Correct sentence structure
The essay should be 2-3 pages (not including (optional) title page and/or Works Cited).
It is not necessary to submit an MLA Outline with this assignment.
You must use and cite examples from your textbook to support your ideas, but do not “over-quote” (2 direct quote maximum–all else parahprased).

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Reflect on the topics covered so far in the class, as well as outside activities (such as the Global Partnership program, Tukwut Leadership Circle program, and extra credit cultural/diversity events) and how they affect the development of an individual studying in a foreign country. Answer the following:

How can international students adapt to meeting the academic requirements of completing coursework, following deadlines, working with a variety of instructors, etc., in a U.S. university environment?
What are the biggest challenges for you? How have you been meeting those goals successfully?
What have you learned in this class that you could apply to that improvement?
How could you improve in the skill of incorporating knowledge of cultural diversity to help you with your studies?
What are some examples of current cultural, political, or academic stereotypes which can also contribute to the experience?

Use specific examples for your statements.
Although you may use the narrative first-person (“I”) in the essay, remember to use academic language (register, correct grammar forms, a variety of sentence structure).


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