In this week’s first reading we looked at the art market, and how the market system impacts the art produced for and by it. With your partner select a work of art that you identify as belonging to the market system (be careful here to avoid merely choosing a canonical or community-based work). Include an image of your work (where possible) in your posting, or provide a link and describe why it is you feel the work represents an instance of market system art (provide tworeasons).
2.  In our second reading, we explored community-based art. With your partner, choose a work of art that you feel is an example of community-based art (higher marks will be awarded to students who choose a work from within his or her own community). Provide an image of the work (where possible) or a link to one, and describe why it is you feel it is a piece of community-based art (provide two reasons).
3.  In our third reading, we looked at the work of John Ahearn, an artist who works in and with his South Bronx community to produce work that he feels reflects the neighbourhood. In our reading, Jane Kramer describes the response of members of the larger community to which Ahearn belongs to his work. Some felt the work was degrading, even racist, others thought it was technically masterful, and indeed beautiful, while still others thought the sculptures spoke succinctly to and of the community. Do you feel the work was representative of the community? Why or why not? Do you feel his work belongs more to the market system or to community-based art practices? Please include references to the readings to answer these questions.

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