Mini paper

It’s time to start preparing for your minipaper: respond to this topic by sharing1) your selected population (you can select any group that interests you….as long as they experience stress :-)2) 1-2 sentences about why this group interests you3) If you were to offer an information session to this group, how would you recruit participants?Cite the 3 scholarly sources you plan to use (these should be from peer-reviewed journal articles such as you can locate in UMUC’s library). Do not use encyclopedias/dictionaries, websites, textbooks, or resources from this class (again only scholarly sources from peer-reviewed academic journals). Your remainingĂ‚  sources can be from reputable websites (e.g. .org or .edu sites, APA website, etc.), newspapers, or self help books, but can not be from Wikipedia/encyclopedias/dictionaries/textbooks.If you need any clarification on the requirements, please post any questions you may have in the Ask the Prof section–if you have questions, others probably do as well.For the Minipaper, select a set of stressors faced by a specific group (parents of toddlers or children starting kindergarten, students selecting a college, college students, adults preparing for retirement, children facing choices about long-term care options for their aging parents, a senior moving into a long-term care setting, etc.Ă‚  You will be asked to propose the target group on which you would like to focus in one of the conferences. Prepare a briefing for the group about 1) the nature of stress, 2) symptoms and consequences of chronic stress, and 3)suggestions about strategies to cope with the stressors they are facing. Finally, identify 2 potential questions your audience might ask and provide an example of an appropriate response.My topic i would like to write on is Adults preparing for retirement .

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