Mini paper Adults preparing for retirement

Minipaper: (my topic is adults preparing for retirement)General Project Guidelines:1. Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual. Papers must be four to five typed double-spaced pages (minimum length is 1000 words not including references, title page, etc. No more that 50 words can be direct quotes. Tables and figures may not be used unless created by the student. 2. Papers must include a minimum of at least 6 sources–at least three of which should be scholarly in nature, appropriately cited.For the Minipaper, select a set of stressors faced by a specific group (parents of toddlers or children starting kindergarten, students selecting a college, college students, adults preparing for retirement, children facing choices about long-term care options for their aging parents, a senior moving into a long-term care setting, etc.  You will be asked to propose the target group on which you would like to focus in one of the conferences. Prepare a briefing for the group about 1) the nature of stress, 2) symptoms and consequences of chronic stress, and 3)suggestions about strategies to cope with the stressors they are facing. Finally, identify 2 potential questions your audience might ask and provide an example of an appropriate response.Project Grading Rubric: 5 4 3 2 1 0CONTENT 1. All topics were discussed in clear detail. 2. Assertions were supported correctly. 3. Ideas were interrelated coherently and logically. 4. Author creatively enhances the topic. ORGANIZATION 5. An introduction previews main points of reflection. 6. Body of paper develops and elaborates main ideas. 7. A conclusion summarizes main points. WRITING MECHANICS and STYLE 8. Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, etc.). 9. Paper is grammatically sound (proper sentence structure). 10. Citations and references are in proper APA style References: Dodds, D. W., Cruz, O. A., & Israel, H. (2013). Attitudes toward retirement of ophthalmology department chairs. Ophthalmology, 120(7), 1502-1505.Topa, G., & Valero, E. (2017). Preparing for retirement: how self-efficacy and resource threats contribute to retirees’ satisfaction, depression, and losses. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 26(6), 811-827.Wong, J.D., & Shobo, Y. (2017). The moderating influences of retirement transition, age, and gender on daily stressors and psychological distress. The International Journal of Aging & Human Development, 85, 90-107   Instructions : My topic is Adults preparing retirement Please use the references above when writing the paper.

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