ME 315-01: Heat Transfer – Course Project

ME 315-01: Heat
Transfer – Course Project

A finned-tube heat
exchanger has to be designed to transfer heat from the humidified hotair to cold
water. It is important to note that when the humid air temperature becomes
lower than the dew-point temperature,water vapor in the air will start to
condense. It is required that the heat exchanger effectiveness is 90% and has
as minimum (possible) volume. The design conditions for air andwater are,




60 °C

25 °C

Mass flow rate

0.17 kg/s

0.34 kg/s

Air inlet
relative humidity

95 %

Air outlet
relative humidity

95 %

The main
objective of this project is to increase your ability to solve real world
engineering problems which arecharacterized to be not well defined. That is,
the given data is not enough to solve the problem. Thus, one has to make many
decisions and careful assumptions such that it can be solved to meet the desire


Please note
that sizing the heat exchanger involves determining the required heat transfer
area to meet the heat duty (tube diameter, length,number of tubes and fins),
and the associated overall heat transfer coefficient. In this regard you may
follow the following steps:

Select a configuration (e.g. finned-tube HX where fins are on the
air side) and calculatethe required UA product using theepsilon-NTU or LMTD
Apply the energy balance on the hot and cold fluids and assume that
the condensate(water vapor condensed from the air) is at a temperature of 40
Calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient (U) for the assumed
tube diameter, finshape and material. Use correlations to estimate hot-and
cold-side convectioncoefficients, conduction resistance, contact resistance (if
any), and fouling resistance.
Determine the area from the UA product and U value and check
whether the HX volumecan be reduced by assuming different dimensions.


Your report should include schematic, the calculations procedure
with relevant equations. An executive summary describing the highlights of your
achievements should be provided. Be sure to state all assumptions clearly.
Note: The computer software Engineering Equation Solver (EES) is recommended
for such problem is available in our department for your use. I may provide
the program for you.

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