MBA 6631 Case Study

Your assignment for this unit is to create a case study of a multinational company. Find information about a multinational company that is headquartered in the United States. Include the following components in your case study. 

Summarize the details of the company with the company name and where it is located in the United States and abroad. What service or products does the company offer? 
Conduct a SWOT analysis of the company you have chosen. Include at least three elements for each component of the analysis. Do not create individual boxes for the components. Instead, write out the components and the corresponding elements in paragraph form. 
What competitor may present a competitive threat to your chosen company, and why? 
Does your chosen company have a competitive advantage against the competition? Explain your response. 
After completing the SWOT analysis, how do you think the company can improve its strategy to allow for a greater competitive edge
Based on the information you learned about this company, analyze the political risk it faces in international markets. Would you recommend the company try a different strategy for entering new markets? Why? 

The CSU Online Library has several databases that are good starting points for your research. 

Mergent Online 
Business Insights: Global 
Business Source Ultimate 
ABI/INFORM Collection 

Your completed case study must be at least three pages in length, not including your title or references pages. You are required to use at least two outside sources, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library, and one of which may be your textbook. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations

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