Marking Criteria

which is a “literature review” on the topic of “effects of leadership on the organisational performance”. The report is limited at 2000 words.
The main focus of this assessment is to test the students’ ability to review the extant literature and identify, review, and critically appraise the literature. It must be noted that given the word limit on this assessment, you can narrow down the scope of the literature review on to specific aspects of leadership such as types, styles, etc and its inter-relationships with specific facets of organisational performance such as financial performance, innovation performance, sustainability and responsibility, and so on. Another way to narrow down the scope of the review is to focus on a particular industry and evaluate the relationship between leadership and organisational performance in that industry.
Harvard referencing system is used at all times for the recording & citing of all academic theory. It is an important academic skill & principal to follow & observe. 

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Marking Criteria
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