Marketing communication Assignment

Ad Critique 2

Throughout this course, you will analyze a total of five (5) unique advertisements of your choosing. These may be print advertisements or commercials. For each critique, include a screenshot of the print ad or a link to the commercial, and fully answer the questions here: How to Analyze an Advertisement   Keep in mind you must choose a different advertisement for each critique.

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Marketing communication Assignment
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Assignment Submission Requirements
1. Follows specific guidelines for each assignment with regards to content and length
2. Prompt submission per due date and time
3. Typewritten in size 12 font and professional style
4. Double-spaced
5. Professional in appearance
6. Title page which includes course number and name, student name, date of term
7. Follows the provided rubric
All written assignment submissions will be assessed according to APA guidelines (see
APA manual). These include, but are not limited to:
• Refrain from using first person pronouns, clichés, and colloquies.
• All research and statements should be cited appropriately.
• Opinions are only permitted in the recommendations section.
• Proper grammar, punctuation, word use, and sentence structure are essential.
• Maintain a professional tone.


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