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Marketing is not a matter of taking a product and selling it, but of finding a need and filling it. Look around you—around your campus, your home, or your job: Do you see a need that is unfilled? If you’re having trouble finding a need, try to remember the times you’ve said, “Somebody ought to do_____,” or “Somebody ought to make______.” That somebody is going to be you!

1. Fill the need you have identified by following the steps listed below. Complete the your answers in the discussion forum with what you would do at each step.
Steps in the Marketing Process   
1.         Find a need:   
2.         Design a product or service:   
3.         Test your concept:   
4.         Make up a prototype and test market your product or service:   
5.         Design packaging, think of a name, and set a price:   
6.         Decide how to distribute the product to consumers:   
7.         Develop a promotional strategy:

2. Responed to Lindsay and Taras Post (Attached) Individually directly to them.

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