Managerial Finance

Southwestern Wear Inc. has the following balance sheet:Current assets $1,875,000 Accounts payable $375,000Fixed assets 1,875,000 Notes payable 750,000 Subordinated debentures 750,000 Total debt $1,875,000 Common equity 1,875,000Total assets $3,750,000 Total liabilities and equity $3,750,000The trustee’s costs total $343,750, and the firm has no accrued taxes or wages. Southwestern has no unfunded pension liabilities. The debentures are subordinated only to the notes payable. If the firm goes bankrupt and liquidates, how much will each class of investors receive if a total of $2.5 million is received from sale of the assets?Distribution of proceeds on liquidation:1. Proceeds from sale of assets $2. First mortgage, paid from sale of assets $ 3. Fees and expenses of administration of bankruptcy $ 4. Wages due workers earned within 3 monthsprior to filing of bankruptcy petition $ 5. Taxes $ 6. Unfunded pension liabilities $ 7. Available to general creditors $ Distribution to general creditors:Claims of General Creditors Claim(1) Application of 100% Distribution(2) After Subordination Adjustment(3) Percentage of Original Claims Received(4)Notes payable $ $ $ %Accounts payable $ $ $ %Subordinated debentures $ $ $ %Total $ $ $ The remaining $ will go to the common stockholders.

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