Maeda Company has the following employees on the payroll:

1. Maeda Company has the following employees on the payroll:EmployeeNameMaritalStatusSemimonthlyPayrollWitholdingAllowancesAmalMiguelByronHirokoSMSM$4,000$5,000$4,600$6,5001324Using the information above:a. Calculate the FUTA tax liability for 2013. Assume that Maeda Company has paidall amounts due during the year.b. If the payroll is consistent from quarter to quarter, how much would be remitted inFUTA taxes in each of the four quarters in 2013?2. Quince Company has book income of $120,000 properly determined in accordance withfinancial accounting principles. The following information is also available:The company received a $10,000 dividend from a large publicly-tradeddomestic corporation of which it owns less than 20%.Income tax expense on the financial statements was $30,000.Depreciation expense on the financial statements is $25,000 less thandepreciation expense determined using tax laws.The company received life insurance proceeds of $15,000.Charitable contributions of $20,000 were made.Determine the taxable income of Quince Company.

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