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Construction Methods And Materials Long – term Problem A:  This problem involves building an earth dam using 22,000, 000 cubic  yards of clay and 4,000,000 cubic yards of clean all compacted to 95% of  maximum density based on ASTM D698. The sand and clay are placed in  separate sections of the natural ground level. Below ground level 30  feet of wet sand needs to be removed and replaced with compacted clay to  a depth of 30 feet with an excavation width averaging 100 feet. The  clay will obtained three miles from the project at an elevation 100 feet  below the project site that is only accessed using a dirt road. The  clay is very hard.The sand is available paved road, 17 miles away, 300  feet below the project site.  The project needs to be completed in 800  days. Determine the amount and types of equipment you feel should be  used on this project.   Assume the dam is 200 feet high above the  natural ground level and has a 20 foot wide top width and 2:1(H:V) side  slopes.

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Long Term A
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