Long ago in Olympus

Long ago in Olympus, a new god was to be created, a god wielding thunder and rules over Olympas named Zeus, and a goddess of penalty and wrath named Nemesis or Adrestia , from meeting on a beautiful day, to Hera having a new deity to vanquish. She sent out a bird to search the skies for someone to take over and get rid of Nemesis once and for all, not even sparing the child she had to give birth to. Eventually, Zeus of course had found out about this elegant bird, and had sent out Hermes to warn the deity of Hera’s bird and her wrath, after hours of searching for Nemesis he found the deity,
“Oh great Nemesis of wrath and penalty,” He began, “My queen has found your interests in the mighty Zeus, and seeks vengeance, she has sent out a beautiful bird of green, a Resplendent quetzal she called it to be exact,” he went on, “The mighty Zeus wishes for you to hide, for if the bird finds you and and a host, you will be killed.” Distraught, Nemesis spoke with her calm but serious voice, “My dear Hermes, I am giving birth to a child of his, please bring back this news to Zeus, I shall be off to a place to hide by tomorrow morn,” and with that, Nemesis flew away with her wings, to find a place good for her, and her newborn.
Days, weeks, now months have past of the bird being missing and Hera running out of patients, Zeus had looked out for the bird, but when the day came, he knew that Hera was too late, the bird had come back, but to no prevail has he found the right god, and the deity, in rage, Hera had struck the bird,destroying the elegant bird.

Nemesis soon came out of hiding, but with a child, whose hair was short to her shoulders but shimmering like beautiful gold, lips dark and beautiful as cherry wood, her skin a fair brown texture like the trees of spring, but with no iris, she was not blind, but her eye color was not seen, at least not by any one yet, this did not come to the little girl as a shock, she always new she was different, and liked it that way.
Nemesis picked up the little girl and spoke with a calm voice, “My darling Pluvo, I have noticed your growth, and wish that you leave, for I can no longer care for you, my job is to bring misfortune, and I have been gone long enough, know that I will always think of you when it rains, for I know that is your purpose, go little one, be on your way,” and with one more hug, she gave her a staff of crystal and water, and a head piece of gold with two little wings at the sides, and away she went.
Pluvo was new to the world, she had learned to hunt, fight, and more, but her purpose was unclear, in Olympus there was a river, a beautiful deep crystal blue it had, she would practice with water, she was never sad down there, she was happy and that was all she needed.
Soon Pluvo had went up to Olympus to find her mother, to ask why she had to hide, but too soon did Zeus find her, the problem was he had never seen his new child, this could have been a mistake if he did not ask this simple question.

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