Local impact on clamydia

Local Impact on clamydia:
Address the areas that you included in the Society section but focus them locally:  
what is the situation in Central Florida, at Valencia, Osceola County, Orange County?   Who is involved?  What services are available locally?  The key here is to focus on how your topic is having an impact on those of us who live right here in this area.  Include support for your information, directly addressing the analysis skills you’ve been developing in this course.  Students who earn 15 pts typically have 1-2 pages in this section. (500-word pages) 

In your paper, write what your source is in the same paragraph where you provide the information from that source.  Do this in every paragraph where you are using a source that has that information.  Do this even when you paraphrase.  (As a guide, if you are looking at the source or reading your notes from that source while you are typing your paper, then you almost certainly need to write what that source is.)For example:  Progesterone is a hormone that can be found in women who are pregnant, and also women who are not pregnant. The difference is that in pregnant women, the progesterone levels are higher than that of a woman who is not pregnant.  Source: http://www.justmommies.com/articles/progesterone-pregnancy.shtml  (teacher doesn’t want a bibliography)

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