literature review

summary the article.
Do NOT simply copy or pull phrases from the abstract or main text of the article. Substituting synonyms or paraphrasing the article closely is also plagiarism. What research question is the author asking?  What answer does the author propose to this question?  What evidence or methods does the author use to support his or her answer?  In what ways does this study improve upon previous research. What are the main topic areas/central research questions of these papers? o Why is this area, in general, important to study – both from an economic perspective and from a legal perspective?   What are the main findings of these papers?   What methods do the authors use to answer these questions?   o Do the findings of the different papers support or conflict with one another?  How are these papers similar?  How are these papers different? o Given the main findings on your topic, what conclusions can you draw from the papers?  Are there any unanswered questions that need to be addressed through future research?
Articles are on the files.

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literature review
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