Literary Analysis

Read: “The Shabbat,” p. 139-146 (Locate these pages in the linked PDF to read this chapter from Persepolis, a graphic novel. Although it is not a traditional short story, the chapter can stand alone.)Satrapi, M. (2004). The Shabbat. In Persepolis. New York, NY: Random House. Retrieved from a Literary AnalysisThis choice is a shortened version of what you practiced in weeks 1-4 and is a good option for those who enjoy writing and who write well. Write a focused two-page, double-spaced literary analysis on a key element or theme in a single text. Be sure to refer to the text to support your discussion. Quote key words and phrases so you can discuss the author’s language, and refer to specific events so you can discuss plot. Seek to present a sophisticated exploration of your topic. Submit your two-page analysis.Use the link as the reference and do not pull from any other source.

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