Lit mast week 13 Read in Literature of the Western

Lit mast week 13Read in Literature of the Western World Volume II by Brian Wilkie and James Hurt o Chinua Achebe– Things Fall Apart, Part One pp. 2080-2139.1)Literary Analysis — Respond to the topic below in a 1 to 2 page essay. Use good essay form. Five paragraphs are standard—an introduction, three development paragraphs, and a conclusion. Set your paper up according to MLA format. (See course Resources.)Discuss two aspects of Igbo culture that you found interesting. How do these Igbo traditions compare with traditions that your own family observes?Aspects to consider include: ways of showing hospitality, family life, ways of settling intra and inter-village conflicts, music, wedding customs, and religious ceremonies.2-The central character in Things Fall Apart is Okonkwo. The reader sees both his external actions and the internal reactions that he experiences to events in his life. Describe two incidents from Part I of the novel in which Okonkwo behaves badly and two other incidents in which he behaves well. What is your overall impression of Okonkwo? Do you like him or not? Explain why.3-Okonkwo has several important relationships with young people. Describe how Okonkwo feels about and gets along with his son, Nwoye, his daughter Ezinna, and Ikemefuna.4-Why is Ezinna special to her mother Ekwefi, Okonkwo’s second wife? Describe the relationship between Ekwefi and Okonkwo.5-Did you have any familiarity with the Igbo culture before reading Things Fall Apart? What aspects of the culure reminded you of your own culture of origin? What aspects struck you as novel and unfamiliar to you?Do you know anyone who reminds you of Okonkwo? What is your impression of this character? What do you like and dislike about him?

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