lin: english

Write a thread of about a 200 words, discussing Amy Tan’s Narrative “Two KInds.” Do not get hung up on the length. You can go a little under or a little over, as long as you respond substantially  to the following questions as your write your thread:
Did you like or dislike the story? Explain why. Give specific examples.
Consider at least a couple of the following elements of organization and style, and discuss what you noticed, and if it made the the narrative more or less effective for you. 

Organization: Where she stared her story and ended it, and how she organized the incidents in between
Language: The specific ways in which she uses language : Ex. having her mother talk in pidgin.
Imagistic Details: The details of images and incidents that shes uses to shape her narrative. Ex: piano sheet music, the deaf piano teacher
The balance between action and reflection; between the time she spends on telling specific incidents and the time she spends on thinking about those incidents. 
The balance between the narrator then and the narrator now.

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