Letting Go of My Social Media Addiction

For the past two weeks, I refrained from using all of my social media accounts. I stopped communicating with my mentors, and even with my team. I shunned conversations leading to my previous competition because I was afraid to admit that in spite of rehearsing for a long time, I still committed a lot of mistakes. However, earlier this morning I received a letter from one of the organizers announcing that I had won the 2018 International Broadway Performing Arts Acting Competition that was held in Florence, Italy last month!
To tell you honestly, I never expected to win. All of the competitors added flavours to their roles and committing just a pinch of errors, whilst I did otherwise. I cannot imagine how I finished my performance but I can vividly recall how my team has helped me through my struggles during the play.
To my mentors, whom I call my “guardian angels” and the Broadway International organizers, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. Thank you for making me recognize my own talent and molding it to become one of the instruments to achieve my dream —being one of the youngest members of the Broadway Performing Youth. I am very thankful for the opportunity, awards and the Les Mi?erables Talent Scholarship (I indeed gave justice to the character of Fantine! Didn’t I?)

To my parents, thank you for supporting me along the way. I know that it was not easy for the both of you to let me go to new places alone nor let me make decisions for myself, yet you still allowed me to do so. You deserve my warmest hugs as you are most patient and understanding.
To my co-actors and friends, cheers to us for making it this far! Our teamwork has led us here and I know that we will reach new places through hardwork and perseverance.
Last and most importantly, to the Lord our God, my Saviour, thank you for saving me, for being my motivation during the times of difficulties; of wanting to quit; and wanting to stop searching for my passion. My Lord, all that I do is for the grace of Yours. May You continue lighting my path towards excellence.
To others that are reading this message, continue pursuing your dreams and trust what Psalm 27:14 states, ” Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart; wait for the Lord!”

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