Learning Activity week 6

InstructionsGeneral Instructions for Learning Activities Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Overview.Submit learning activities to the correct week’s Learning Activity tab in the Assignment Folder.Put your name on your uploaded file. Refer to course materials, cases, and/or statutes to support conclusions. Review the grading rubric for Learning ActivitiesThe government agency in which you are interning encounters a variety of legal matters, often relating to state and federal statutes. For practice to prepare for analyzing statutes, Bernie asked you to prepare a report that includes statutory outlines for select portions of a statute. You will later summarize and use these outline for statutory analysis (in a later assignment).Provide the information requested below in a report to Bernie in the format specified below. This is a three-part report.InstructionsRead Statute: Section 8-203 of the Real Property Article of the Maryland CodePart I: Prepare a statutory outline of Section (b) of the above statute.Part II. Prepare a statutory outline of Section (e) of the above statute.Part III. Prepare a statutory outline of Section (g) of the above statute.Format The report should follow the format below. Label all parts, and sub parts of the report.TO: Bernie Franks, Director of ParalegalsFROM: your nameRE: Maryland Real Property Code – Statutory Outlines of Sections (b), (e), and (g)DATE: Part I. Statutory Outline of Section (b)Part II. Statutory Outline of Section (e)Part III. Statutory Outline of Section (g)etc.Umuc online course introduction to Law * Check content week 6 for Maryland Real Property 8-203.

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