Watch the video. The response to 1-4, 75-100 words in length and address each part of the question. APA
1. The number of refugees that America admits is very small. Considering the worldwide refugee crises currently occurring, does the United States have a moral obligation to accept more refugees?
2. Refugees are hand chosen by the American government and undergo 18 to 24 months of intensive screening (interviews, biometric screening, medical tests, and more) before being allowed into the United States—so much screening that the American government knows much more about refugees than about many of its own citizens. Are these refugees a threat to Americans? Should the screening of refugees more be intense? Less intense? Why?
3. In a January 2017 poll, 46% of Americans saw people coming from Iraq and Syria to America as threats. Why do you think Americans feel this way? What role should public opinion play in setting government refugee policies? Should the government be doing more to educate Americans about refugees and about the intensive refugee screening process?
4. Before coming to America, the Abdi family were aware of anti-immigrant sentiments. Yet, when they arrived in San Diego, they found the community very welcoming. San Diego has a large number of Arabic immigrants and has welcomed 200 Syrian families in recent years. How might the existence of this immigrant community have affected overall community attitudes toward new immigrants and refugees and made it a welcoming place?

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