Laws and Regulations Impacting a Diverse Workforce – Due 11.2.21

You are the HR director of a start-up organization. You have just attended a director’s meeting about establishing an Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator position in your organization. During the meeting, many of the directors expressed concern. Their fear is that not all newly hired managers or employees are familiar with the EEO hiring and workplace diversity guidelines. The group decided that the person who fills the coordinator position should be knowledgeable about corporate compliance. This person should also be responsible for management training. During the meeting, it was decided that further investigation about the needs of the position and guidance in developing a job description was the next logical step in vetting this new position.
As the HR director, you have been asked to explore and write a 3-page research report. The report must summarize the meeting and offer some recommendations for the EEO Coordinator position that will provide guidance to the newly hired managers and employees. Create a report that answers the following questions and supports your recommendation:

Identify a minimum of 3 protected classes under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.
What are proactive ways employees can prevent cultural barriers, discrimination, and biases in the workplace?
How is an EEO complaint filed?
What are the steps to investigate an EEO complaint?
What is retaliation in the workplace?
What is tangible employment action?
Explain a company’s liability (civil versus criminal)
What is vicarious liability, and how does this effect supervisors?
Explain possible remedies for employment discrimination.
Provide 3 recommendations for success that might help guide the managers and employees and improve hiring practices.

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Laws and Regulations Impacting a Diverse Workforce – Due 11.2.21
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