CREATE THIS DOCUMENT IN A SPREADSHEET FORMAT Select an Android or iOS app and then determine whether the app was developed with security in mind. To do so, you will first need to define the security controls and security features that mobile applications should employ and deliver. You may wish to use this week’s readings and this checklist for inspiration.Your work may be submitted in one of the following formats: written report, spreadsheet or table. Regardless of the submission format, however, you must:• Identify the app and summarize its features. • List the security controls and features that all mobile apps should employ and deliver. • Determine and identify whether the app utilizes the controls• Recommend at least three ways the app’s security can be improved• Correlate these improvements to improved security in an organizationI WILL UPLOAD THE CHECKLIST IN THE ORDER. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND BE CLEAR WHEN EXPLAINING ALL INFORMATION. THJS IS A TECHNICAL COURSE AND MY INSTRUCTOR HAS BEEN GRADING THESE LAB ASSIGNMENTS POORLY.

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