KAPLAN MN568 Unit 6 Exam (50 questions) all are correct

Question 1 
Harvey has a rubbery, smooth, round mass on his chest that is compressible and has a soft-to-very-firm texture. What do you diagnose this as?
Question options:
a) A lipoma
b) A nevi
c) A skin tag
d) A possible adenoma
Question 2 
Of the following types of cellulitis, which is a streptococcal infection of the superficial layers of the skin that does not involve the subcutaneous layers?
Question options:
a) Necrotizing fasciitis
b) Periorbital cellulitis
c) Erysipelas
d) “Flesh-eating” cellulitis

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KAPLAN MN568 Unit 6 Exam (50 questions) all are correct
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