It might be food industry,Farming Industry or Technology indystry

This is Managerial Economics QuestionIt might be food industry,Farming Industry or Technology indystry.Please prepare a term paper. Reminder about the FORMAT 1. APA Style -indentations -running head -page numbering -appropriate subheadings 2. About 5-6 pages in length: – Introduction(overall purpose of the paper; background of the industry, and outline for the remaining paragraphs of the paper) – Body(Structure, Conduct, and Performance) – Summary( in about one paragraph summarize the key findings of your industry -Conclusion ( about two sentences: either state your recommendations, suggestions for future research or the main point of your paper) 3. In-text Citations (quote least 2 sources); paraphrase and appropriate referencing 4. Reference page( two or more sources-hanging indentation

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