For our midterm, I’d like for you to read Satlow’s epilogue (Epilogue: Whither Judaism?, pages 288-296), carefully consider what Satlow is saying about Judaism, and apply his observations to Islam.Please use examples from the readings. I’m not asking for a freestyle riffing on the topic, but a thoughtful engagement of one of the other books that we’ve read.I think that around 2 pages (1.5 spaced, 12pt font) is a decent length. You are free to do more (or less); this is a general guideline, not a concrete rule.Some of our readings were dense in terms of historical figures, places, dates, unfamiliar concepts, and new vocabulary. Though I do find that stuff useful, this course was not set up to test your knowledge of the “facts” in these books. If the point was to memorize a whole bunch of things about each religion, the course would have been arranged differently. My interest was less in the “information” about the religion, and more in how the author chose to present the religion.So the final’s asking you to 1) closely read what Satlow is arguing here, and 2) put it to use for Islam. to required text)

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