iPhone. Apple

Drew Adams Intro to Art (FINE 1001 002) Learning to Look 02/07/2013 Source. iPhone. Apple. 2009 Formal Analysis The product that is advertised in this advertisement is the new iPhone. The composition of this advertisement is only a concept version of the iPhone. It is showing only the back of the iPhone, which gives a different perspective of the main product which makes viewers want to learn more. The color palette of this advertisement consists of mostly dark colors with the print being in white.
There is bold print that says, “Touching is believing”, this statement is bold to show the slogan of the advertisement. The advertiser uses the contrast of the black and white colors to give emphasis to the slogan, which could be the focal point of the picture. The black color maybe gives the sense that the product has great innovation. The viewer can clearly see the Apple logo and knows that the product is made with good quality. Interpretation
This advertisement could be trying to show how different apple is than other companies in terms of being innovative. The product being shown is the iPhone, this is Apple’s most prized product on the market. There is text in the middle that is in white and it says, “Touching is believing”. A key feature is shown as a subtitle under the main slogan that states, “The new, faster iPhone now with 3G”. The image characterizes the company as superior to other companies. Evaluation The main goal of this advertisement is to get the viewer to buy the product.

It surely does a good job of grabbing the attention of the viewer and making people curious about their product. The main audience of this advertisement seems to be anyone who enjoys technology or wants the “newest” and “superior” device. By the look of the advertisement it seems to do a good job at reaching the audience that they want to reach. What is impressive about this advertisement is that it is simple yet effective in getting the point across and getting the viewer to be curious. Image of Advertisement

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