Invincible -Baseball Athlete-Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Instruction: The story you write is meant to SHOW (not tell) how and why you learned the big life lesson mentionedin your thesis. Most narratives follow a chronological order that builds up to the big revealing moment.Any relevant background info should come right before you start the story. (For example, I had onestudent who wrote about how sobriety has been the greatest gift he has ever received, but he had to firstbriefly mention that he had been an addict for decades, in and out of sobriety multiple times.) It could bein the intro or in an extra paragraph between the intro and the start of the story.An intro that sets the scene for the story and gives the reader the situation●A specific audience in mind – the class, your peers, co-workers – go beyond just me●A thesis statement that clearly expresses the big truth, life lesson, and/or important value youlearned (can come in the intro or conclusion – you decide)●Specific and descriptive details relevant to explaining exactly how and why you learned it●A clear beginning, middle and end to the story●3-5 double-spaced pages (12 point Times New Roman font)Essay:Thesis: I have learned that I am not invincible and am much more than just a pitcher. Many athletes define themselves through their sport and when they are no longer able to compete. They lose not only their identity but also their confidence. Competitive athletes will spend years dedicated to their sport and perfecting their skills to compete at the highest level. When a devasting injury occurs, many are left feeling empty with a lack of direction, attempting to redefine themselves. I experienced a devasting shoulder injury during the height of my senior year in high school. I perfected my pitching skills and placed on a workout regime in preparation for the biggest season of my career. That season never came due to the shoulder injury that required surgery. The moment it happened, I felt that my baseball career was over. After months of rehabilitation, I have learned that I am not invincible and am much more than just a pitcher.

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Invincible -Baseball Athlete-Narrative Essay
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