Information Interviews are KEY to developing your professional network, increasing your knowledge of your chosen field and are a great way to build interviewing skills. For this assignment, you will be interviewing TWO professionals currently employed in your target job title.——->(Agri-business or Food and Resources Economics)
Please review this PowerPoint for full assignment details and sample questions as discussed in class: Information_Interviews.pptx
To write your report, include:
Part 1-
Compare and contrast your interviewees. This includes:
– What you learned about your field. 
– What you think about the job as they described it.
– What you found helpful/concerning.
– How their answers were similar or dissimilar.
Part 2-
Critically analyze the information you gathered during your interviews.
– How the information has shaped your career decision?
– What changes (if any) you will make to your career path?
– What steps you will take to be the most prepared for this job?
– How the job, as described by your interviewees, compare to your career values, skills, interests, and personality as discussed in the beginning of the course?
Minimum 3 pages typed, double spaced. Edit and proofread your document closely. Remember to cite all references. 
Part 3-
Do the extra credit shown in . the information interview pdf (just write them since i need to send them trough my email)

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