International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation

For this research paper, prepare a written business plan for International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation. In preparation, navigate to the Strategic Management Cases section in the textbook and read Case 22 International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, 2015.The BOOK: (Strategic Management Concepts and Cases: A competitive Advantage Approach Edition: 16 Year: 2017ISBN:Paperback: 978-0134167848 eBook: 978-0134153872Author: Fred R. David and Forest R. David Publisher: Pearson) IBM announced many changes in 2015. The company had three initiatives slated in an uncertain industry with falling stock prices during 2012-2014. From the information provided in the case as well as your independent research, you are to prepare a 3-year strategic business plan. 1. Read the case for highlights of the company and its initiatives.2. Conduct research on the company through its 1)website, 2) annual statements, 3) Yahoo Finance, 4) Hoovers, and so forth.3. Conduct research on scholarly peer-reviewed articles to support the analysis of your internal and external assessments along with your proposed strategy formulation. 4. Utilize the Strategic Management Case Analysis Template to assist with your analysis. Prepare the research paper in accordance with the requirement included in the attached instruction sheet, the excel template, and the text book

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