International Business Ethical Topic Presentation

During Week 5 you selected an international business ethical topic for your paper and presentation.
Use your paper to develop a brief (10-15 minute) presentation to show your findings to your peers. You may use either PowerPoint or Prezi to create your presentation. You will not be presenting to your colleagues live.
All presentations will be uploaded to a discussion forum where your colleagues will view them in future lessons. You will be assigned a week to upload your presentation, so presentations are evenly distributed. This is an individual assignment.

There is no minimum number of slides for this presentation.
It is not required that you use a voice over or record yourself presenting as this class does cater to active duty military, and others who may not be able to record. Some businesses also are using text only presentations using mediums like Microsoft Sway and Prezi.
You will be graded on your presentation here, so if there is a theory issue in your paper and presentation it will just be a deduction in your paper not a double deduction in both.International Business Ethical Topic Presentation

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International Business Ethical Topic Presentation
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