insurance fraud

Search the Internet and locate articles relevant to your topic.  You may use academic journals and/or business publications.
Submit your top 4 topic choices in order by preference to me by email beginning October 22, 12:00 noon.  
Print/copy the reference articles, highlighting the important/relevant information to submit with your paper.
Produce a 5 – 7 page write-up of your research.   Point out the key points as well as your opinion of your findings.
Attach an Assignment Cover Page.  The format should be (a) Assignment Cover Page, (b) your 5 -7 page paper, (c) list of references, (d) copies of reference articles.
Present your findings in class on the date your TP number is listed on the syllabus.   You may use PowerPoint, but it is not required.
You will be graded based on your written paper and presentation.  The grade on late presentations will be reduced by 30 points for each week late.
 Project will not be returned to you. Please keep a copy for your records.
 Your written paper is due on the date of your presentation.

Written Assignment Format:

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insurance fraud
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Typed written, double space, font size 12 Ariel, with a 1 ½ ” margin on left and 1″ margin on right.
Include page number on each page.
APA style, with at least 3 references.  A company’s website is not considered a reference.   Academic references include journals and publications.  Check your online library system.
Uses of headings, tables, graphs, diagrams, and figures are recommended.
At least 5 pages, not including references.


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