[INSERT TITLE HERE] Directions: The following problems ask you to evaluate hypothetical

[INSERT TITLE HERE] 1Running head: [INSERT TITLE HERE][INSERT TITLE HERE]Student NameAllied American UniversityAuthor NoteThis paper was prepared for [INSERT COURSE NAME], [INSERT COURSEASSIGNMENT] taught by [INSERT INSTRUCTOR’S NAME].[INSERT TITLE HERE] 2PART I:Directions: The following problems ask you to evaluate hypothetical situations and/or conceptsrelated to the reading in this module. While there are no "correct answers" for these problems,you must demonstrate a strong understanding of the concepts and lessons from this module’sreading assignment. Please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following problems.Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments. Responses that fall shortof the assigned minimum page length will not earn any points.1.Extraterrestrials arrive, and they are far superior to us in intellect – the most brilliant humanthinkers would be regarded as severely mentally deficient among these profoundly rationalETs, and their reasoning processes are far beyond ours: their mediocre high school studentsoffer mathematical insights that astonish and awe our most advanced mathematicians. Itturns out that the ethical principles of these super-rational extraterrestrials are very differentfrom ours. Would a Kantian conclude that we ought to adopt their ethical system, eventhough we cannot really understand the reasoning process by which they developed thatsystem? Explain. Your response should be at least one page in length.2.Mr. Spock – of Star Trek fame – apparently feels no emotions. Would that make him (inyour view) more or less capable of living a morally good life? Explain. Your responseshould be at least one page in length.3.Explain the difference between a rule-utilitarian and a Kantian? Is there really adifference? Explain. Your response should be at least one page in length.4.There is a spot open in Professor Ponder’s film class. Your friends who have taken herclass all rave about it: "I really learned to appreciate the artistic potential of films by takingProfessor Ponder’s class. Before taking the class I liked almost every movie I saw. Nowthat I have learned from Professor Ponder how to understand and appreciate the finenuances of the art of film-making, most of the movies I once enjoyed now strike me asstupid and amateurish. But because of my new appreciation of film, I now deeply enjoy afew great movies that otherwise I could never have appreciated. I have gained a depth ofenjoyment from those few wonderful films I never dreamed you could get from watching amovie. Of course, it’s very rare now that I enjoy going to the movies – most movies I seenow strike me as dreadful, even painful to watch. But on the few occasions when I watch areally good movie – wow, that is a great experience. Take Professor Ponder’s class: it willchange forever your experience of going to the movies." If you think that is likely to beyour own result from taking Professor Ponder’s class, would you sign up? Explain. Yourresponse should be at least one half of one page in length.5.Suppose you have recently inherited $10 million from a long-lost relative. This inheritance,however, comes with a stipulation: you must give $1 million of this amount to total[INSERT TITLE HERE] 3strangers. You can do this in any increment you choose – you can give 1 million people $1,1 person $1 million dollars or any increment in between. What increment would youchoose and why? Which form of utilitarianism would your choice best coincide with?Your response should be at least one half of one page in length.PART II: EssayIn an essay two to three pages in length, compare and contrast act-utilitarianism and ruleutilitarianism, then make an argument for why you think one is better than the other. Your essayshould take the following form: an introduction where you preview your essay’s content (i.e. “Inthis essay I will discuss…”), present your thesis statement (i.e. “X is better than Y because…”), aparagraph summarizing act-utilitarianism, a paragraph summarizing rule-utilitarianism, an essaycomparing and contrasting the two, two paragraphs where you argue why one is better, and aconclusion. Your summary and critiques must be original and should include examples,analogies, etc.PART III: JournalPlease describe what aspect of this week’s lesson you found most interesting and why. Whateffect, if any, did it have on your moral/ethical outlook? Your response should be at least onehalf of one page in length.

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