INFOGRAPHIC about “Indian residential school in Canada”

Information briefs are often a way of conveying answers to questions people may have about a topic. This is not about providing a list of contacts or services, but rather might be more likely to take the form of a describing the what, how, for whom of an issue, a thoughtful set of Q & As, or an explanation of a complex process. It might be in the form of a pamphlet or a poster.

you need to be clear regarding:

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INFOGRAPHIC about “Indian residential school in Canada”
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1- why you would do an inforgraphic on your chosen topic (ie, why did you choose this topic)
2- who is the audience (not teacher) that you’re targeting it toward
3- what do you hope that they’ll be able to do (differently) as a result of reading the infographic, and have you provided the information in such a way that the reader can do this
4- If you take photos off the web, you should indicate in a separate page where you got them. if you use an Image  directly from a web, you definitely need to cite that, or that would be plagiarism.
5- make sure the design of the infographic is unique and worth 40%


There are a couple of examples of infographics
on the website for the National Collaborating Centre on Aboriginal Health


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