Indian Economic Slowdown

Agriculture -17% Industry-27%. The growth in services sector is led by the IT-TIES industry. Which contributes nearly 8% of the GAP. The total revenue of the IT-TIES sector is around 100 billion $. Nearly billion dollars of this comes from exports. Is this engine that driver the growth of several industries such as electricity,telecommunication,automobile,electronics besides many others. Recently the growth in the Indian GAP has declined due to many factors such as European economic crisis ,decline in investment,Drop in FED ,High Inflation,Widening CAD,Slumping exports,High Naps,non performing assets of banks,launderettes Woes, Lack of Fiscal Discipline,Seems Global Economic Slowdown: European countries which account for a significant market for IT and TIES are crippled by the collapse of he several major economic powers such as Italy,Portugal,learned,Greece.
The countries have gone bankrupt and have obliged for bailout trading it with fiscal discipline European central bank has offered billions if dollars to bailout these sick nations. Debauchery allocations in major projects and innovation have dropped which may be the reason why Fids from these nations have dipped. INFRASTRUCTURAL WOES : The union government is unable to provide the basic infrastructure facilities such as telecommunication,power,roads,highways,water . Lack f Fiscal prudence ,red tapirs and bureaucracy has driven away the foreign investments. Reoccurred and approval delays also hamper the economic prosperity of the country. HIGH INFLATION: T he Burgeoning prices of the raw materials and agricultural produce has been due to the supply bottlenecks The failure of monsoon also led to decline in the yield per hectare and lack of food processing facilities like cold chains further spikes the commodity prices. Bank NAP Accumulation: Although the union government is keen to bring all the people of India into the banks fold ores of people in villages still are financially excluded.
Large number of the debtors are willfully avoiding the repayment of loans because of lack of proper legislation and collateral to reign in the default. Safely Act and DIRT can become vigilant to recover the dues. SLUMPING EXPORTS:The mercantile export in India is led by petroleum products ,gem and Jewelry and textiles. The main reason behind the fall is the dependency on foreign capital goods which are imported from countries such as competition from china is threatening the textile industry already laden with tax sops by the Indian government.

CORRUPTION:Lillian politicians are known for the scams worldwide and their corrupt practices. The greed of politicians to continue the rule induces them fabricate malicious schemes and Tax evasion,black money and money laundering are all affecting the Indians economic growth. The major solutions to the crisis are 1 . Fiscal discipline and crack down on schemes that waste the government money 2. Tightening the regulations and laws to check Naps Of banks 3.
Reducing the Indian Economic Slowdown By Secondary 4. Tightening the FED regulations to enhance the technology transfer and its dissemination to provide level playing field for Indian counterparts. 5. Measures such as farm mechanization to improve yield and developing food processing industries to check exorbitant price rise. 6. Improving the infrastructure and promoting Seems India can bounce back from the maladies such as CADS, Inflation if it improves its governance and take adequate fiscal measures.

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Indian Economic Slowdown
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