in 5 hours

answer the question:
Your answers do not to be long and detailed but be sure to answer in such a way that you demonstrate you clearly understand the core concepts 

1- Why is it important to understand the history of exploration, tourism development, and transportation innovations as a tourism learner/practitioner? How does the past impact how people perceive tourism and relate to tourists in a modern era?

2- Why is it important to understand the economic multiplier effect, tourism as an invisible export and leakage when learning about tourism?

3- What are some ways that tourism could be optimized (vs. maximized) so that cultural heritage and local community quality of life can be respected?

4- What are some ways that tourism could be optimized (vs. maximized) so that the environment and the ability to live in and travel to a destination will be available to future peoples? 

5- What is one important concept related to service as it relates to tourism was most important to you? Which concept(s) should tourism practitioners (and anyone working in service industries) learn more about, master, and train employees on?

6- Is there anything you will change about how or where you travel as a result of taking a course on tourism in either a business or leisure realm? If so, what? Why or why not? How will your career trajectory intersect with tourism personally and/or professionally? How can you, the tourist and the tourism scholar, influence others to improve awareness and changes to choices related to tourism in order to maximize its positive benefits and minimize its negative ones?

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