important and influential figures in the field of Psychology

here are many important and influential figures in the field of Psychology, including the following:Alfred Adler Alfred BinetB.F. Skinner Carl JungSigmund Freud Hans SeyleAlbert Bandura Solomon AschJean Piaget Erich FrommCarl Rogers William JamesErik Erikson John WatsonIvan PavlovAbraham MaslowThese psychologists were very influential, and instrumental in the development of Behavioral, Cognitive, Developmental, Humanist, Personality, Social, and Learning Psychology, to name a few.Assignment ExpectationsFor this case study, you are to identify eight of these important figures in psychology (6 of these must be from the first column, and 2 from the 2nd column) and describe their most significant contributions (time period, impact on field) and describe their main perspective within psychology.This assignment should be 4-5 pages long, and have at least 2-3 paragraphs for each psychologist. Your paper should be double spaced, include a title page, and a reference page as well.

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