Illegal Immigration, good or bad?

Illegal immigration has been going on for hundreds of years already. But, over the years it has been increasing dramatically. Illegal immigrants have been poured across the border to grab agricultural jobs during the worker shortages precipitated by World War II. The ranchers and farmers along the border prospered from the influx of cheap labor and they did everything in their power to keep illegal aliens from being deported Today, however, we find that immigration is not seen as a positive for our country, but rather it is unquestionably considered a problem today in America.
Some may believe that the threat of illegal immigrants is based on unsound fears. But in my opinion most illegal immigrants come here to live a better life than they lived in the country they lived in before. Most suffer where they used to live, therefore, they decide to move somewhere where they think the economy is better and they will have a better opportunity to get a job, and live a better life.
Many believe that its unfair that low-income immigrants receive public benefits such as Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) at lower rate than low-income born citizens. Many people say that immigrants use more public benefits than the native born. This has created a lot of serious and unfair burden for citizens. All illegal immigrants enter a country they’re not from thinking that if they don’t they won’t be able to give their kids a better life and better education opportunities. There are currently almost 12 million illegal immigrants in America.

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