Identify the root problem components

Prepare a four page paper paraphrasing (e.g. using your own words) with no quotes or outside information that is double spaced, 12-point font, with 1” margins on all sides. Write in the second person avoiding “I” or “we” statements. Use 1-8 as subtitles, which follow:Cover pageCase RecapProblem IdentificationIdentify the root problem componentsMarketing Mix (discuss 5 P’s – product, price, place, promotion, and people)Social Media: Analyze the current social media plan SWOT (Note: Identify four strengths, four weaknesses, four opportunities, four threats)Sound alternatives/Measurements (Note: propose at least two possibilities)Recommendations (Note: fully justify your recommendations)Reference page – include your textbook and two outside solid, dependable references, which can pertain to the company or the marketing situation

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