I Robot (2004) Movie

I Robot (2004) movie with a setting held in Chicago ( 2035 A.
D. ). Robotics surrounded the earth. Advanced and progressive technology and everything is about robots. It was amazing to have robots so advanced that can be a great help in the lives of people , to work easily or to finish a particular task. But then there are still disadvantages of this. That’s why producers and inventors should think thrice first before inventing robots because they can be sometimes a threat to humans.
As I’ve first watched the trailer , I have that thought of this movie will just have a common plot story about robotics like a normal movie about robots and a story about the robots taking over the earth. Well that’s exactly what happened and I’m not wrong about my thoughts. But it has this plot twist that I actually like. The actors is good , watching them acting gives me a feeling of that actually happened and it was not scripted because it was so natural.

While watching the movie, I thought its gonna be boring, but no. The movie is a bit comedy , has action and inspirational. It gives me a feeling of undescribable, giving me chills down my spine the whole time.
Especially the scene where Sonny the unique robot asked detective Spooner of what is the meaning of that wink he did .Which he answered ,that the meaning of it is trust. It was funny to see a robot being confused about human funny acts.
Another scene, is when the demolition of the mansion of Dr. Lanning. It was actually so suspense and has thrilling a experience. It has cool special effects and great animations.
Thought of how did they make this effects on a computer in the year 2004. Even most of the scene makes me dizzy because of those effects, because I really feel like it was so true and gives a feeling that I was actually there in that particular moment .
Another scene I really cant get over is when the the cat appears on the office of Dr. Lanning with detective Spooner. It was so cute and funny scene as they venture upon going out in the demolishing mansion.
The plot twist is insane. I have so many thoughts of guessing if who’s really the bad guy.
Thought it was Sonny for he was so suspiscious and thinking that he might be the suspect in the murder. Also , Mr. Robertson who control VIKI because he looked like a bad person as he command Dr. Calvin to maybe deactivate Sonny because he’s kind of unique.
But then, at the end I just found out that it was VIKI ( Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) that is the bad one. I thought she was just a cool and advanced CCTV there, but she’s quietly planning to control the people. I also have that thought first that it was Mr.
Robertson who send command to those whole set of robots in two big unique cars who trapped detective Spooner, but I was wrong, it was VIKI.
That scene was so intense! It’s one of my favorite scene also. Additional of this is when the revolution happened with those spider-like robots climbing the tall building. It is unusual to see a war between people and robots. It was so tremendous scene making me feel of joining them in that battle. Another funny scene because even in serious situations there is still some comedy part in that scene.
Robots must have no feelings, emotions and conscience.
They are logically programmed and must follow the three laws created by Dr. Lanning.
“Law I, They cannot harm a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Law II , They must do whatever they’re told by a human being as long as such orders don’t conflict with law one. Law III , They have to defend themselves as long as such defense doesn’t conflict with laws one or two. ”
Robots should not disobey these law. But what if they take over the earth?
Yes, it’s undeniable that robots can contribute a big help to humans and help the contry to become progressive.
It can help some those not so progessive country . Thinking that it might going to happen in the present was also expected because of the continues progressing knowledge in technology. But then there is still things we should consider and limit our knowledge.
Because there are also many disadvantages, it helps people to be more lazy and some people will not have any jobs to do anymore. And yes, they might take over the earth as they seek for more information and knowledge. As what happened to VIKI, it’s program was so advanced. That she thinks that humans cannot be trusted by their decision.
People break laws stated to follow commanded by government officials.
Sadly, even them are seen breaking those laws. “Save from your self” -VIKI she stated that people should save themselves from their own selves. That they should sacrifice and robots will take over the world. The lesson here is that we should be careful with the continues progression of technology and use it wisely.

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I Robot (2004) Movie
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